What makes us special




Communicate Profit Management

We nurture your investment property We grow the value of your property We maintain close communication We take care of your profit
 Planning  Dedicated  High Efficiency Personal Development
We plan, analyze and strategies before acting We are dedicated & committed  We are efficient & No time wasted Continuing our professional development 



We Treasure Your Property like our own home


We are Detailed & Efficient 

Searching for a suitable tenant and communicating with the property manager is always a concern for landlords. We assure you in Perth One Real Estate, we put in all our best to ensure no time wasted and all reference checks, available social media checks, database checks, court checks are carried out. To further understand about our structures, you can contact us for a short discussion at 6363 5214 or info@perthone.com.au

Your Calls & Emails 

It is frustrating when you can't reach your Property Manager and there is no return of calls or emails. Your calls and emails are important to us and we guaranteed that we will return our communication within 24 hours via calls, email or text messages. We value and prioritize you and we always find time to return your concern. 

Trustable Tradesman 

There are many tradesmen in the industry. However, we have carefully selected tradesman by confirming their quality of work and prices within the market. We trust that they provide a high quality of work at a reasonable price. 

Reasonable Fees

We provide ADDITIONAL services as below without extra cost:

1-Month complimentary service *

You are important to us and we would like to provide you with the best services and we would like to relief you from your first month of stress by providing a 1-month complimentary property management service.

* Terms & Condition applies

FEATURED Listing in realestate.com.au *

  •  FEATURED listing is an advertising listing where it appears above all Standard listings in realestate.com.au for 30 days and much more.
  • Watch the video directly from realestate.com.au to further understand this amazing feature. 

        Video Link: Featured Property

* Information provided is based realestate.com.au website information

Professional Photography

We believe in reflecting the best of your property with professional photography. Therefore, we provide this service as complementary to all our owners.

Home Open

Viewings are one of the most important parts of leasing. This is an opportunity for us to know the potential tenants and fully understand the tenant’s background and basic characters. If required, we will carry out a mobile conferencing with potential tenants who can’t attend the viewing.

Communicating with viewers always bring a positive outcome. Owners would be contacted weekly for an update and preference of leasing. This will be communicated via email or calls depending on the preference of the owners.


Management Change Over

In Perth One Real Estate, we ensure the property management changeover would go as smoothly as possible. If you would like to further discuss the handing over of your property you can contact us directly at 6363 5214 or info@perthone.com.au